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Nepal Earthquake Donation

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Marian spent some time in Nepal and supports an educational charity that is building a school in Mansulu, Ghap a very remote part of the country.

Following the awful news of the Earthquake in Nepal she has been worried about the school and children. After 4 days of silence she has just received news that although there is a lot of damage to the school and surrounding villages, BUT thankfully  the children are OK.

The school is within 50 miles of the radius of the Earth quake.  They are very cut off. Without the devastation of the earthquake it was a five day trek from the end of the road and the trail will have been badly affected making it difficult to get support in. Our friend, Dr Jamie Hogg, who has lived and worked in Nepal is going out with the Red Cross and a team of medics at the weekend.

nubri playing

We have made a donation for food and medical supplies and if you feel moved to do something similar, a cheque payable to ‘Project Lama Scotland’ would make a huge difference to this small community. In Nepal a small amount of money goes a long way. Please contact me if you would like more information or to donate via HighsheriffWM@mavericktv.co.uk


More information about the school and LAMA project

Shree Nubri Primary School

We have assisted the Government to build a school, with a hostel, in the Manaslu area at Ghap, so that local children can be educated within their cultural homeland, using their own language and still be close to family. In this very remote region of the Nepal Himalaya and people are still dying of preventable diseases.

Facebook Page                                      www.projectlama.org/contactus.htm

nubri map

Earthquake updates at DEC

BBC World Service broadcasts Lifeline programmes in Nepalese and English


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