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BCMG – a hadron collider for global music.

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BCMG is a hadron collider for global music says Artistic Director Stephen Newbold at the fundraising and celebration event hosted by Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co

bcmg stephen newboldsqBCMG grew from the CBSO and is renowned around the world. It commissions and plays the most exciting music of our time.  The company thrives on innovation and is acclaimed for championing the most forward looking music internationally.  bcmg screenLast year’s US Library of Congress performance is being performed in Mexico following new compositions to be performed at Spitalfields in June and a BBC Prom in July.

Back home the audience and the High Sheriff were treated to a wonderful solo performance by BCMG Cellist Ulrich Heinen of one of Judith Weir’s specially composed pieces from the 13th Floor of 2 Snowhill. A beautiful piece served by surprisingly good acoustics in the dramatic new home for HS2.

bcmg cellist single    bcmg judith listenscrop

bcmg vieweers  snow hill watchers

Judith Weir CBE, the Master of the Queens Music and composer of the Cello piece reminded the audience that BCMG is “A super treasure of Birmingham” which travels across the world for the city.

 anthiny sqAnthony Bolton was the surprise 2nd speaker as he is not only a successful investment fund manager he is also a compser and investor in music.  As well as giving of his investment experience and 5 top tips, he pointed to crowd funding as an opportunity for music investment as has been the case in media and visual arts.  BCMG were a pioneer of crowd funding by introducing their Sound Investors programme :

A broad portfolio of composers are commissioned through Sound Investment, from the internationally established, to young composers whose music is not yet widely known, and composers from overseas whose music may not be extensively performed in the UK. All are chosen because their music deserves to be heard and shared widely.

bcmg stephn chairBCMG Chair and BCMG Foundation member Stephen Saltaire said that individual supporters are more important than ever for the vitality of BCMG, as they enable us to develop our artistic vision and become an integral part of BCMG’s extended family. Become involved and help support the future of new music.

I love BCMG for its breath-taking performances, its commitment to new music, and most of all, for its ambition. Sometimes that ambition calls for exceptional levels of investment to create something extraordinary.

Pledge forms are available through BCMG Director of Development : carla@bcmg.org.uk

One of BCMG’s most recent and celebrated successes was ‘Crowd Out’ performed by over 1000 players at Birmingham’s Millennium Point and subsequently in London and Berlin.

Finally Learning. BCMG is passionate about involving and supporting people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds in the creation and performance of new music.  Over 100 learning composing with young people this year in and outside the home base at the CBSO and across the diverse communities of he city and out culture. We do this through a variety of innovative projects involving composers,BCMG musicians, teachers, researchers, young people and the wider community. The programme reflects BCMG’s artistic identity, responds to local needs and utilises the excellent resources of the Group – the expert performance skills of the players, our links with leading composers in this country and abroad and our acclaimed commissioning programme.  Learning link

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