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One of the High Sheriff’s responsibilities is to participate in the Mayor Making events that take place in each Metropolitan Borough.

These take place following the local elections and when the current Mayor hands over their role, chain of Honour and ermins.

For the West Midlands the High Sheriff was honoured to attend the Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Sandwell and Coventry Investitures.


Wolverhampton Cllr Ian Brookfield,  affectionately known as Brookie was installed as the Lord Mayor for 2015-16 at Wolverhampton Council House.Wolverhampton_City_Council_coat_of_arms





Coat_of_arms_of_Birmingham   Lord-mayor-Cllr-Ray-Hassell-4

Following a successful 10K marathon as one of his final acts for charity Lord Mayor Shafique Shah handed over the reigns to Cllr Hassall who aims to be known as the Jogging Lord Mayor! Following the Council AGM a superbly well attended banquet in the Council House was held and the High Sheriff shared a table with VIP’s including the Birmingham Crown Court Recorder HHJ Melbourne Inman.   The Lord Mayor’s assistant Tarek Chowdry brought the banquet to order with his loud wooden mallet, in order all could hear a toast from Lord Mayor Hassall and from the High Sheriff, who invited all to toast the ‘City of Birmingham’




Councillor Derek Rowley and his Consort Mrs Glenis Rowley handed over the chain of office to Councillor Barbara Price, who has been a Rowley councillor for 16 years at a ceremony at Sandwell Council House, in Oldbury.  Councillor Julie Webb became deputy mayor with her daughter Nicola Webb as consort.


Councillor_Glenis_Slater   Mr_Clive_Slater   solihull_cbc

The High Sheriff was unable to attend the Solihull Investiture due to a clash of dates, but he met the new Mayor Mrs Glenis Slater and her consort Mr Clive Slater at the Royal Visit by His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent, to open the Woodlands Campus of Solihull College. HRH Kent sol coll  SOLCOL_DofK_001[1]

c spell & mayor & m




Lord Mayor Slater, Marian Davies and Caroline Spellman MP met young women engineering students and shared their enthusiasm for participation and skills in the area of automotive.

The Duke of Kent went on to the the NEC and opened Resorts World where already 1750 jobs have been created in the construction phase through and investment of £150m.

IMG_5609  IMG_5611


On Thursday 21 May 2015, Councillor Michael Hammon was inaugurated as the Lord Mayor of Coventry for 2015 – 2016.

LordMayorMichaelHammon     cov coat ofCouncillor Hammon is a ‘Coventry Kid’ having been born and grown up in Lower Stoke and currently is a partner at Hammon’s Solicitors on Ball Hill, as well as serving as a Councillor for Earlsdon.  Councillor Lindsley Harvard, ward councillor for Longford, became the new Deputy Lord Mayor at the Annual General Meeting in the Council Chambers. The Mayoral celebration was graced with exceptional Harp music by Prof David Watkins a schoolfriend of Cllr Hammon.  cov  m hammon  harp cov





And it wasn’t long before we were back in Coventry and the Historic Guildhall to celebrate the BiCentenary of Sir Henry Parkes, born to Thomas Parks and Martha née Faulconbridge, Tenant farmers on Stoneleigh Abbey estate before heading to Australia for an immensley important and effective career.

with aus high comm aus uk flags  The Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, The Hon Alexander Downer AC said we must never forget we are together as countries.
M with the cov mayor

Councillor Jaswant Singh Birdi with the Lord Mayor


aus 1 We knew we were in the right place when we parked next to this XJ. During the evening’s speeches Mayor Hammon noted with pride the High Commissioner’s good taste in car manufactures.



Sir Harry Parkes

From rags to riches:

Born into poverty, Parkes was the youngest of seven children. He had very little formal education after the age of eight. He suffered early setbacks with business failure in England, and came to Australia as a penniless immigrant in 1839.

Early determination and hardwork:

Despite hardship and supporting a young family, Parkes worked odd jobs as a farm labourer, a factory worker, an ivory-turner and importer, shopkeeper and journalist.

Ideas and ideals:

He started a newspaper (The Empire) and helped set up the Australian League to educate people about the rights and duties of citizens in a democracy. He fought for jobs and fair wages by opposing the free labour sourced through convict transportation. He argued for universal suffrage.

Stood for Public Office [often without personal gain]:

He sought out and was elected to the NSW Parliament in 1854 and represented his constituents for long periods without pay. He actually left public office on a number of occasions to stave off personal bankruptcy and financial problems.

He worked his way to the top:

While his political career started quietly enough, his work chairing a committee to investigate the condition of the working classes (particularly his concern for the condition of children) raised his profile. He also led the creation of nursing as a profession, and was instrumental in education reform. This saw him eventually rise to the top in 1872 (Parkes went on to serve five terms of Premier of New South Wales).
He was a highly skilled public orator:

Despite his lack of education in early life, Parkes developed a great sense of oratory to inspire, unite and impel his audiences to action. He didn’t always get his way, but many of his words and speeches linger long in Australian history. His Tenterfield Oration in 1889 was possibly the most influential speech that eventually led to the uniting of the colonies and Federation of the nation of Australia.Henry_and_dog

He founded many prolific public parks, services and facilities:

Of these; Centennial Park was one of his crowning achievements. The Park was established to commemorate the 100th anniversary of European settlement in the colony, and at its opening in 1888, Parkes gave it the nickname “the People’s Park”.   http://www.yourparklands.org.au/

 Links to Mayor appointments








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