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Fire Service Volunteer Photographers

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The High Sheriff attended a photographic exhibition by Fire Service volunteers from across the County.

IMG_6297  IMG_6299

The Photographers are called out to fire service events near to their homes and send their pictures back to base as records of events and of fire officers great work across the region.

From time to time the photographers find themselves in major emergencies that are newsworthy. This was the case when the major fire took place in a plastics factory in Smethwick.  Lead volunteer John McNaughton attended the fire and took some dramatic pictures of the fire and of the fire officers fighting the flames and the immense heat generated by the molten plastic.


The picture went round the world and was featured as picture of the day in the Wall Street Journal

Volunteers pictures are also used to capture the involvement of the fire service in community.  This is a major part of the fire service’s work. Many officers spend time in the community supporting health, housing and social services to ensure homes are safe.  IMG_6288You can see many of the pictures used on the community involvment and volunteering section of the WMFire Service Website : http://www.wmfs.net/content/community-membership

Prevention services focus on public involvement and education, engaging with partners, targeting schools, communities and vulnerable people with advice and guidance, and with particular reference to social inequalities.


Protection service prioritises the risks to the business sector, focusing on the provision of advice and importantly the enforcement of legislation with a mind set of continuing to support the economic wellbeing of the West Midlands.

The Fire service HQ in Nechells is also a home for some neat graphics and Fire Service m

IMG_6287 IMG_6286   IMG_6296  IMG_6290 IMG_6289   IMG_6292

and next door to WMFS HQ is Safe Side @ Eastside.

IMG_6321   IMG_6319

Our full sized street scene at Eastside includes a working pedestrian crossing, double decker bus, building society branch, shop, car, canal, court room, police station, house and much more. Key issues such as road, fire and water safety are covered alongside input on vandalism, drugs and alcohol, financial awareness, what to do in an emergency and other lifeskills for independent living.

Both centres are owned and managed by West Midlands Fire Service with strong support from partners such as Nationwide Building SocietyCentroNetwork RailNational Express,Safer Travel Police, West Midlands Ambulance Service and the Midlands Co-op.

and there’s a job vacancy!   www.safeside.org.uk


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