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On Saturday 6th, the Solicitor General Robert Buckland QC MP welcomed school students from all backgrounds across the UK as they prepared to put their legal knowledge to the test at the Citizenship Foundation’s Magistrates’ Mock Trial Competition final in Birmingham’s historic Victoria Law Courts.

mock trial cata

The days proceedings were presented in a programme with a front page illustration from a previous competition heat.  Alongside the main competition each team can nominate up to two court artists who will attend the Local Heat. After watching one of the trials the students can then submit their entries to the Citizenship Foundation’s Court Artist Competition..


The winner was Zoe Wright, l and she met Court Artist Pricilla Coleman who presented her with a copy of her book : “Court Scenes: The Court Art of Priscilla Coleman”IMG_5958






Priscilla also showed some of her recent illustration so famous trials including hearing of the Hatton Garden Robbery.

court artist shows to kids  IMG_5957 She also demonstrated how she uses crayons to create the drawings.    Many of the school students attending were impressed with the amazing ability of Ms Coleman to capture the likeness of all the court participants.  IMG_5950    court artist crayons

There is a widespread misunderstanding among those who see pictures on TV or in the newspapers that an artist can sketch as much as they like in court. As lawyers know, far from taking a palate and easel into the public gallery, any attempt at photography, drawings or visual representations is strictly verboten. Artists have to memorise in court the colours, shades, clothing, facial mannerisms and physical idiosyncrasies then go out and draw a likeness from memory . . . against the clock.



Mock Trials Catalogue is here  2015 National Final Programme

Great to see the Mock Trials embrace and celebrate the artist in the Justice system.

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