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The High Sheriff was invited to deliver the keynote speech to the Creative Industries Federation Birmingham Roadshow hosted by Fazely Studios in the heart of Digbeth.19247002999_d1323d21c7_z19432556175_132807f208_z

19245400950_9c3cdec7ba_z A large audience turned out to hear from a great panel of creative industrialists from the region who debated the opportunities for the continued growth of the region’s talent across many sectors.

The High Sheriff was joined by Paul Noon from UKTI and Virgin Media’s Joanne Dutton19245497760_e9e55f8ced_z 18812453433_641dd104c0_z  19246863869_69b7ef0fb3_z

The panel was co hosted Eurovision style by CIF CEO John Kampfner and Digital Hub’s Lara Ratnaraja.


19437098211_dba25dd840_z  18810356294_cc216f9a24_z 19436925521_77b3db049b_z  19246491649_4169ea7367_z  18810037214_a5536edd3a_z  19407200836_6f6d9b339d_z 18811857303_78aa66de0d_z 19244818848_cfcb8c65ff_z

download the High Sheriff’s Keynote Speech – cif keynote

and  Video Coverage 

and more Stills

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