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BOPA Celebration of The Queens achievement

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In a week of many celebrations across the County for her Majesty the Queen’s achievement of being the longest serving monarch in British history, the High Sheriff was honoured to attend the BOPA celebration at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry. It was a wonderful celebration by a wide diversity of people, cultures and organisations from the People of Asian Origin organised by BOPA.

young sikh at the opening Young boys get ready for the event and bring in the flags alongwith the dancers. off to main stage

Birmingham Deputy Lord Mayor was in attendance.shaique

bopa organising ctee  The BOPA organising group.

afro dance  pakistan support bopabengali danceThe evening celebration was graced by performances from the Afro Carribean, Bengali, Pakistani communities and culminated with a Sikh martial arts display that inspired host Davinder Prasad to return to the stage dancing to the drums and thanking all the evening’s performers, participants and audiences.

He invited many of the night’ s supporters including the High Sheriff, Vice Lord Lieutenant and Chistopher Cocksworth Bishop of Coventry to give a final flag waving celebration and hear from Kash Singh from One Britain One Nation  – OBON – in support of this great celebration of the Queen’s achievement and the communities of British Asians of the West Midlands.

One Britain One Nation OBON

BOPA stands for :  In a country increasingly fearful of dangerous extremist beliefs, Midlands region stands out as a place where people from diverse backgrounds come together in a relative peace. In order to promote this idea, explore ways to improve and expand further initiatives, and develop Midlands region as a model for British identity, integration, social solidarity & community cohesion.sikh martial arts display

BOPA will continue to organise events bringing together policy makers, community, business, religious and cultural leaders, academics, students and young people in open dialogue about issues that affect everyone living in the Midlands Region & Great Britain.

For more information, please see: www.bopauk.org





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