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I met photographer Agi Ch when she invited me to the Library of Birmingham Photographic show in the summer. Her pictures were in black and white and captured a particular feel of the city.  More recently we met at the the Coventry Hillfields and Birmingham RBSA photographic exhibitions.  Agi mentioned how great the Big Hoot city wide Owl Sculpture project was and that she had embarked on a project to show what the owl’s see – Owlventure.

agi Ci cathedral

Her picture’s are here :

and her description of the project is below.

This project was my response to The Big Hoot Birmingham 2015. Fantastic idea with great cause behind it, however media become increasingly bombarded with images of owls from all over the city and there is only certain amount of similar images that one can process without getting ‘bored’.

That’s when the idea was born how to support The Big Hoot project and ideology behind it without being repetitive. So rather than photograph the Owls I have turned my camera onto the Owls view. Promoting Birmingham with all its grand and iconic places, buildings, open spaces it is all good, but to truly appreciate our city there is a need to show what is less grand, obscure and random. Because that is a part of Birmingham beauty overall. No framing was involved, just straight view from where the owls were positioned. All shot on 35mm B&W film, home processed and scanned. Creamtone filter applied to warm the images.

I’m a fine art photographer with around 12 years experience, but taken it seriously 3 years ago. I’m represented by AlterArt online gallery and I keep exhibiting my work regulary. Talks, workshops and curating are also part of my experience. Started my degree course last year to fulfil my time and also to build network in higher education field.  My major long term project ‘Usual Suspects’ is to photograph West Midlands photographers. I mainly work with B&W film and hoping to master the darkroom skills in the future.

Agi Ch – www.agich.com

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