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On Saturday night in Bromsgrove The High Sheriff was honoured to be invited to The Eid Milad Dinner by the Bromsgrove Muslim Community Trust.  Although out of the West Midlands County the High Sheriff was happy to attend as was the High Sheriff of Worcestershire.  Coming into the Council house that had been made available by the District Council Jonnie was happily surprised to see his Birmingham artist friend Vanley Burke. Vanley had worked with his colleague from Newman college on a book of photographs of Mosques from the Gambia.

Mosques of Gambia Book
Mosques of Gambia Book

The exhibition was of great interest to the young and older visitors to the Eid Milad Dinner.  The dinner was called to order by Dr Waqar Azmi who introduced a series of prayers and recitations by many young people. Candles of Hope were lit, before a short film about the golden age in the far east, songs by Dr Abid Baig and a series of community awards were presented including one for the Welcoming Refugees team. Before the awards Salma Yaqoob delivered an insightful and deeply personal keynote speech in praise of The Prophet – A Mercy For All.  Following the formal evening’s events all guests enjoyed a sumptious buffet and each other’s company.

with Ruksana Hussai Baib
with Ruksana Hussain Baig

The High Sheriff was pleased to meet many of the people of Bromsgove and had a wonderful surprise as Ruksana Hussain Baig introduced herself to him as the self same Ruksana that performed in a film he had produced for Channel 4 TV nearly 20 years ago – Nightshift – which was developed with East Birmingham communities, written  by Michael Eaton, directed by Aysha Rafaelle and devised and performed by a group of young diverse Brummies.  Jonnie and Ruksana shared fond memories of working on the film and telling her family about the long shooting days in Balsall Heath.

generations gather on stage 
role models
With Host Naeem Arif

Many thanks to BMCT for a warm, hospitable and holy evening.

 The event was co sponsored by Bromsgrove District Council and Remembering Srebrenica

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