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High Sheriff Arts and Creative Awards (the pictures)

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Anita Bhalla introduces the High Sheriff Arts and Creative Awards night at Birmingham museum and Art Gallery.

Vanley Burke took pictures of many of the award winners, guests and presenters in a specially erected mobile studio

vanley burke self portrait clayton shaw diedre so happy beatfreeks friend dutndent Rachel Jones anota printmaker sir ian byatt diedre and sir ian lord mayors guest penny holbrook and 2 winners  mosiac winners and guest nick lockey nick lockeylook marika southside producers oxygen ian + wmpolice wm police winners mustaq hs with reis hs with mk and reis  cameron noel + winners mac dan and callum lewis mayor with ...... mayor with lewis lord mayor winner winner 2 brendon  reiaswith award reis and mushtaq ellen mcadam catherine ogle oxygen hs with oxygen reis hands reis reis and anita vanley and anita povilas rebbacca mosaic and winners  nansen ++  pilalidiedre and lara The pictures are special on their own, but if you would like to know who is in each watch the slideshow below

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There will be a wider blog from the night soon, but in the meantime here are the awardees :

Birmingham Law Society   Reis Taylor Dixon     Presented  by Mushtaq Khan

WM Police/Connect Justice                      Presented  by  Chief Superintendent Rachel Jones

and Dr Laura McDonald

William Mistouflet
Fadumah Shire
Lexia Tomlinson
Aimee Challenor
Sami Baloch
Mahira Choudhary
Curtis Holness

Court Award              Dean Partridge                     Presented  by  HHJ Inman

Creative Alliance                                                        Presented  by  Noel Dunne

Brendon Wells,

Jodie Mason,

Kiri Smith, Ibrahim

MAC                            Callum Bate                            Presented  by  Daniel Whitehouse

Mosaic           Farhaan Yasin, Amjad Khan             Presented  by  Rebecca Mitchell

YAY16                          Povilas Jakutis                        Presented  by  Chris Sudworth

BBC  Birmingham     Jordan Walker, Cameron Smyth          Presented  by  Joe Godwin

BCC Education           Lewis Williams                                         Presented  by Colin Diamond,

Selfridges Schools Award        Nansen Prinary School:

Hashim Naeem, Nazish Shiraz, Bismah Noor, Hajirah Ayub                              Presented  by  Adam Hockney

Arts Connect                Sipho Eric Dube                                                                     Presented  by  Pepita Hanna

Heritage Lotter Fund

Aliyah Denton, Jasmine Morrison, Raza Hussain, Rochae S. Morrison          Presented  by  Susan Beardsmore

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