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Beyond the Door

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The Koestler trust show @MAC has been running for a few weeks now and the response has been very positive, which it should be for a great insightful exhibition.

Koestler Chair Dame Anne Owers – Chair Former Chief Inspector of Prisons

I was proud to open the show with MAC’s Deborah Kermode and Koestler Trust’s CEO Sally Taylor and Chair Dame Anne Owers.

The feeling in the room was very warm, positive and uplifting for the exhibition of multimedia artefacts created by a wide range of people in prisons.

I was particularly proud as it was 3 years ago when I saw the last Koestler show @MAC and was moved to nominate the trust as a charity for my year as High Sheriff of the West Midlands. I am pleased to say that the generosity of people in the year enabled me to donate funds to the Trust which has helped with putting Beyond the Door on, as well as other exhibitions of offenders work across the Country.

The piece that inspired the title ‘Beyond the Door’ was ‘Flap Art’ by Barry. Movingly the drawing was done to fit in the cell door flap and the images were interspersed with the word ‘WAIT’.

The show has been curated by young offenders from Walsall Youth Service who were awarded certificates by myself and Dame Anne. The curators were assisted by members of the Youth Service, MAC exhibition team and the Koestler Curator Nami Chikhlia.

“Curating the Koestler West Midlands exhibition gave our young people the chance to engage in the arts and contribute to their rehabilitation. Using the arts as a channel helps bring young people back into education, training or employment.”     Emma Donnelly, Senior Practitioner, Walsall Youth Justice Service

“Being involved in this activity has actually inspired me to do art, it was a good opportunity to work with others and appreciate different forms of art.”      Beyond the Door Curator

All of the works of art are for sale with proceeds distributed to victim support, the trust and the artists.

You can see more about the show at: https://www.koestlertrust.org.uk/exhibitions/beyond-the-door/

Exhibition @MAC : https://macbirmingham.co.uk/exhibition/beyond-the-door-the-koestler-exhibition-for-the-west-midlands

And donate at : https://www.koestlertrust.org.uk/support-us/

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